Band Club

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Band Club

Currently NOT Running .. please call for details

We will be opening on Thursday September 18th and then each Thursday’s thereafter after school to provide a safe, totally awesome and affordable place for young adults to come and rehearse, practice and hang out with other like minded totally awesome other musicians. Its our NEW PopRoX BAND CLUB and is exclusive to 7-16 year olds ONLY. No Adults allowed .. except me, Neal, who will be there to keep an eye on things. Oh … and maybe Kim the guy who owns the place … but apart from that no Adults .. unless Mum and Dad fancy staying … Nahhh

Come on down to:-

  • Rehearse your Band .. we know at school it can be difficult finding a room ! Especially if exams are on !!
  • Come and practice with your mates. Maybe you’re not in a band yet but find it better to practice with someone else.
  • Just come and practice your instrument without being asked to turn down .. especially Drummers*
  • Meet other musicians .. maybe you’ll find some new band members.
  • Just come down to share the music you love
  • Or just to hang out with the cool kids ….

Things to note:-

  • It’s only two hours (which flies by). So get there ASAP. And its a strict 5.30pm stop time.
  • This is not a tutored session (a note on mentoring below) you must be able to play already.
  • Someone will be there from 3pm setting up. If you arrive early no problem. You can help set up 🙂
  • We will have the rooms set up with a Drum Kit, Bass Amp, 2 x Guitar Amps.
  • If you want to bring your own Amp and maybe certain drum parts do so but setting up will eat into rehearsal time.
  • Don’t forget you picks, capo’s, drum sticks, music words etc as we can’t supply these.
  • We have the use of 5 rehearsal rooms.
  • Each room is air-conditioned for your comfort.
  • There is a PA and all Mics are provided for each room. The PA can provide MP3 playback for backing tracks. You will need to bring your OWN MP3 playback device.
  • There is an on-site shop providing drinks and snacks
  • There is WiFi
  • And most importantly there are bins for all your rubbish.
  • We have a chill out area with a TV and PS3 for those taking a break.
  • And even more importantly that the important thing before … bring EAR PLUGS. We do sell them if you forget and its £1 a pair.

Who will be there to supervise?

I will be there. Neal Leggett the Principal of the PopRoX Academy and Rock and Pop Workshops. We expect anyone who turns up to be proficient on their instrument. However I am a Guitarist, play the Bass, have got rhythm (sort of) and teach Band Performance Workshops. I will be there to provide Mentoring, advice and support to those wanting it. From time to time our other tutors may pop in to give a hand.

Opening Times

Thursday’s: 3.30pm until 5.30pm ( we have to be out by 6 as thats when the adults arrive who use the facilities )

N.B. As some of you will not finish until 3.30 if you arrive at 4pm we will endeavour to extend your rehearsal time to 6pm but this will all depend on the bookings for the rooms at 6pm.



Depending on how things go … we may open on other weekday evenings.

Just contact .. Neal on 07766 555 218 to book your place.

* NB: Depending on numbers and rooms available you may have to share a rehearsal room. We cannot guarantee someone who turns up to practice drums, guitar etc on their own (not in a band) dedicated rehearsal space. The best way to learn is with other people. Sharing licks, drum skills etc is a very positive way to improve your playing skills and who knows you may meet someone you get on with and form your own band.