Weekend Workshops

  • Our Saturday Workshops run during term times

    We run two programmes:-

    PopRoX Junior for 7-12 Year olds & PopRoX High for 12-16’s

    Visit our sister site www.poprox.co.uk for more information

    poprox-junior-logo7-12 Year Olds

    poprox-high-logo12-16 Year Olds

    We teach:

    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Vocals
    • Band Performance

    From beginners upwards, ages 7 to 16.

    It’s our belief that children learn better with music they love.

    At PopRoX we utilise a song-lead teaching methodology whereby the children are taught how to play their instruments while learning a contemporary song. We cater for beginners upwards tailoring the lessons to suit the learning ability of the student.

    The songs are broken down to provide for differing abilities so every child learns at their own pace and has something they can then play when performing on stage during the Band Workshops.

    We introduce 2 to 3 songs per term and finish with a Performance Showcase at the end of term where the children get to show off their new talents performing in a real life gig situation to their friends and family.

    We find the children are more engaged and are wanting to learn more and are keen to practice during the week.

    Please visit our sister site www.poprox.co.uk for more information, enrolment and payment options